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grain of salt not included...

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One of the annoying things about going on a multi-month blogging hiatus is that it becomes increasingly difficult to start posting again, on account of all the things you've missed. Well, forget that.. it would be ridiculous to try and summarize things since July... instead, I'll just pretend like it never happened.. :)

As many of you know, celaeno and nemo_wistar are getting married this Sunday in Victoria. After a three hour weather delay at Newark and a six hour flight, I met daylami late last night at the Seattle airport. Today was mostly touring around downtown Seattle.. Despite what the picture to the right may suggest, we have thus far resisted the urge to do the uber-tourist thing and go up to the top of the Space Needle, although there is always tomorrow and Monday after the wedding...

Tomorrow afternoon we head to Victoria.. Hopefully more pics to post then...

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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
Polygamy Porter: Why have just one? *
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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
This is quite the geeky group we have here...

Although, in fairness to Jason, it should be pointed out that this one actually belongs to mrfantasy...
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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
The loopback IP address branded onto a piece of wood.. perhaps a bit out of place.. or perhaps not considering the group involved.
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I am in Utah...

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If you use Windows, stop what you are doing, and install the appropriate patch from that page, or just head over to Windows Update.

This vulnerability is in the Windows code that processes color management information embedded into images and allows a specially crafted image to execute arbitrary code. Any application that displays images is potentially vulnerable to this attack. This includes email clients, web browsers, etc.

According to Microsoft:
"An attacker could try to exploit the vulnerability by creating a specially crafted malicious image and persuading a user to view the image by viewing a local file, by previewing an e-mail message containing the malicious image, or by opening an e-mail attachment that contains a malicious image. These actions could then cause the affected system to execute code."

Given that most mail clients display images inline without prompting, "Persuaded" in the above statement means little more than sending the user an unsolicited email.

Microsoft also says that the vulnerability is reportedly already being exploited.

Microsoft also released a Microsoft Word bulletin today. This one allows a malicious Word document to execute arbitrary code. See that one and the relevant patch info here:

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I was scheduled to present two papers at a conference this Fall and the papers are due on the 11th.

It's really busy right now at Drew, so I've decided to drop the one I was writing on CNS Live and keep the identity management one.

I hate having to do stuff like that.. but there's realistically no way I'm going to get that paper in finished form in the next week with the Diebold campus card project going on (and likely now having to bail our Administrative Computing department out and implement some functionality for them that's supposed to be in the product but our sales rep admitted to us last week wasn't), the Novell beta I'm working on, and the various other things I'm doing right now...

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JFFF must occur every Friday, even if it was just shmivejournal, myself, and redvector.. weaponjx joined us later..

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It's hot out here..

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mrfantasy got me two nice 17 in. LCD panels for my desk, so I have a nice dual-head setup now.. Great for working on Identity Manager projects and not getting mixed up about which eDir tree you are working in.

Now I can be mega-productive...

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Kudos to the town of Madison for implementing a six hour blackout for a large portion of Main Street for "maintenance" in this heat wave...

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With apologies to celaeno and nemo_wistar... I am going to have to move my annual summer party to a new date of Saturday, 9 July instead of the 15th due to an excess of scheduling conflicts. I also wasn't too keen on the idea of having my party right before I have to leave for my Novell conference anyway...

Joy and Mike: I hope we can still get together and do lunch or dinner at some point when you are in the area.

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I know I'm a little late to this particularly party, but... If anyone would like a Yahoo! 360 invite, leave a comment here.
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From today...
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A few random things...

Forgetting things:
I left my lightweight jacket in kingfox's living room on Friday night. Russell, if you see this, can you bring it with you tomorrow, or else to work on Tuesday?

I finally started to go back and tag my Flickr photos with people's names. Now I'll be able to find pictures by person, which might be somewhat useful.

Bubble Tea:
My sister started referring to this as "the gross drink" when she was in Thailand. I don't think it's gross, but the bubbles serve no useful purpose, unless annoying you by popping up in the middle of a sip of tea is considered desirable. I don't recommend it. The bubbles are not fun. They are superfluous! I give a big thumbs down to the Bubble Tea!

I've discovered that too much DirXML makes my brain hurt.. or rather, I'm just easily confused when doing eDirectory to eDirectory drivers as to which tree and which "side" of the driver I'm working with. Partially, this is because I can't fit all the iManager and trace windows I need on my screen at once, so mrfantasy is hopefully going to hook me up with a nice dual-monitor setup so it will be easier.

The first and second seasons of NewsRadio came out on DVD earlier this week. I watched a few episodes from the first season last night, and I forgot how much of a comedy gem this series was. The DVDs are a much better use of $30 than 20 cups of bubble tea at least.

That is all for now..

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Oooh.. I've totally got to get one of these.

First, iRobot tackled carpets with the Roomba. Later this year, it will unleash the Scooba for those dingy kitchen floors.

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INQ article from today about Cisco's less than subtle product placement in 24

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I'm trying to take a stab at scheduling this. Unfortunately, the one Saturday when celaeno and nemo_wistar are in town is also right before I leave for a conference.

So... How about Friday, July 15th this year? If folks want to do Morimoto as per the usual, we could do that on Saturday... I just don't want to do the party on Saturday, because I have to wake up at God O' Clock in the morning on Sunday and leave for Utah...

Does this work?

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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
Tug-O-War in front of Omar's place.

More photos from this evening are here.
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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
redvector and I went to Omar's MFA exhibition and party in Philly tonight.

Congrats to Omar for all the hard work! We'll be calling him Professor Rodriguez soon enough.
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Originally uploaded by Axel Larsson.
Friday, kingfox, jenniever, runstaverun, kikibird, shmivejournal and I went to the Sushi Lounge in Hoboken for dinner...

First time I've been. It's not the best Japanese food around, but you can't beat the atmosphere...
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The latest Strong Bad email has me thinking of one of kingfox's professors...

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Your Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English

40% Yankee

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

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My Friendster horoscope for today:

That authority figure that you've been really irritated with lately is jee-ust about ready to back down, believe it or not -- and it's not because they think they're wrong. It's because they think you're right. Keep pushing. It's working.

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I got my Tivo today, and have been having a hell of a time setting it up.

I intend to use it on broadband, with a wireless USB adapter, however Tivo does require a software update before this is possible, requiring a dial-out. kingfox was able to get it to work with Vonage, but I have not been so lucky.

I have an older ATA than Russell and that may be part of the problem. In any event, after spending the night playing with dial prefixes and the like, and even calling Vonage (as suggested by the Vonage support forums) and having them set my ATA's "packetization level" to 10 (this supposedly changes the config of my ATA so that it is using more than 90kbps of bandwidth, and thus gets higher quality calls, I had no luck. Perhaps it would have been better if Vonage set the packetization level to 11.

I gave up on the phone, and am now using these directions to do PPP over serial to my desktop. The cool thing is that I don't need a null-modem adapter or a gender changer for the Tivo's serial cable. The programming cable that came with my Phillips Pronto remote actually works. I did have to disable Windows Firewall, enable my Windows Guest account, and configure the Tivo's IP address manually to get it to connect, but it seems to be working. I'll have to see if I can actually get this to the point where my wireless adapter works.

Grr. Tivo really shouldn't be shipping boxes at this point that don't work with broadband out of the box though. I'd imagine the overlap between home VoIP users and Tivo users is significant enough for this to be an issue for them.

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After reading this blog post, I'm tempted to check out this Mind Manager software for doing mind maps on a tablet PC.

It's been a long time since I've used something like that to map out an idea, but I think that has more to do with physical space limitations with a sheet of paper or whiteboard than the technique itself not being solid. Actually, this is the biggest problem I have with using OneNote to make outlines. I find myself constantly having to add white space and insert more ideas. That's still better than paper, but I think that the work of moving stuff around to accommodate new concepts as I add them to the map/outline should be the computer's job.

I'll have to try the free trial of this product and see how it goes...

Now, if I could just turn my office whiteboard into a giant tablet, and use this tool.. and Visio... I'll be a crazy project planning machine...

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I have finally joined the 21st century and have ordered a Tivo. I was waiting for cable card compliance so I wouuldn't have to deal with IR blasters and the slowness of changing channels on the cable box, but the deal Tivo is currently running on this 80 hour box is hard to ignore.

Now I'll see what mrfantasy, kingfox, caniswolfie, and others have been raving about for a while now.

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No, I don't remember what that was in reference to either...

Anyone from last night care to clue me in?

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To kingfox:
      redvector! redvector! redvector!

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