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Episode I: The Drain of Pain - Larsson Log
grain of salt not included...
Episode I: The Drain of Pain
The shower/tub in my apartment is "interesting". In most shower/tubs, the drain is located on the far side of the tub, right under the spigot and shower head. Usually, the drain plug is controlled by a mechanism on that wall of the tub underneath the spigot and controls.

In my tub, the drain is located at the center of the tub, but off towards the side wall facing in towards the bathroom where the shower curtain is. Furthermore, it has an actual plug with a large metal knob that sticks up. In short, specifically designed to be hit by your feet several times while taking a shower, which I managed to do tonight. Therefore, it will now be known as "The Drain of Pain".

Current Mood: Ow!

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