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Where's the transporter room? - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
Where's the transporter room?
So, I got a random email from Jimmy on Friday morning inviting me to hang out w/ him, Mel, Carmen, Jason, and Nick that evening in Rob Cosden's new Riker quad. After dinner, we decided that my apartment would be a better place to hang out than Rob's quad, and managed to get ourselves in trouble with the Madison police for a noise violation. That was fun. and now I'm in their nifty database, so it is a lot more likely I'll get the $500 fine if that happens again.

Quote from the evening from Nick after showing him that he could press X10 on my remote, followed by Mute to turn the lights off in the apartment: "Dude, This is the Starship Enterprise! Where's the transporter room?"

I'm considering canceling my upcomming party on Sept 6. Also, the fun thing about the whole thing is that the ones who complained are my neighboors in the other building across the alley (I had my windows open) who have occasionally had loud parties til 3 in the morning. Being a sensible person, my response to that was usually to close my window, but now that they have done this, I feel that the next time they are partying the night away I'm going to be returning the favor they gave me.

Saw celaeno and Mike on Saturday as Joy had to get her CM box mail which I had been collecting for her. Spent a few hours talking, and then I went home for a party w/ some Colonia friends.

Spent Sunday with the family at a surprise graduation party for my aunt, who went back to college to get a degree in Elementary Ed.

This evening was spent with redvector and Vicky, watching On-Demand movies on iO.

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redvector From: redvector Date: August 25th, 2002 11:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
don't cancel the party! it's fucking rock. and be violationless.
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