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This can't be good for my electric bill... - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
This can't be good for my electric bill...
I like it cold and dry in my apartment.. Well, not too cold, 72 is fine, but definitely dry. This is why I am still using my AC this late in September.

I have two air conditioners, one of them is one that I brought with me, and that one works fine. The other was left in the apartment by the previous tenant. It has a "pretend" thermostat on it, that seems to allow you to set the room temperature, but for whatever reason, seems to end up running the air conditioner reasonably close to continuously no matter where you set it. The range for the set points is too large or something like that.. In combination with the fact that the units are undersized for the apartment, this can't be helping.

In any event, apparently, the AC in my office (the one that came with the place) has been forming a sheet of ice on its indoor evaporator core for god knows how long. I just discovered this now, when I noticed that it was running very quietly and no air seemed to be coming out the top. I've now got it on "Super" with the thermostat set on the Fan Only position with a towel stuffed under it collecting a ton of water... Fun.. Fun.. Fun...

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