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Apples, Wasabi, and Beer... - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
Apples, Wasabi, and Beer...
It was my holiday party last night. Lots of fun, Lots of mess, Totally worth it.

I got an "early" start when Marchetti stopped by my place at 1, and woke me up, but that was good, since I had some time to prepare for people to come, and celaeno and Mike showed up not much later. Other people didn't really start to show up until 8:30 - 9:00.

incetardis brought a DV cam with him and converted my guest-room/office into a studio to film spoof Switch commercials. Furniture moving and minor lighting design work were involved. I did a traditional switch to Mac commercial, but others had more interesting ideas. runstaverun did a Switch to drewuniversity commercial, since he originally entered Drew in 1996, staying for only one year and came back in 2001. By far the funniest was kellan547's switch to being gay commercial. As soon as we finish editing the video, all will be posted.

kingfox was a little late to the party due to a flat tire and delays finding a place willing to fix it. The sushi platter he brought to the party was excellent.

After incetardis was finished using my office as a studio, kellan547 started giving people dance lessons there. Hopefully, Omar didn't then bring his camera into the living room and get pictures of me and Mike Marotta doing a little karaoke.

Also there were daylami, caniswolfie, kikibird, crescentdude, crimson117, Melissa, Carmen, Jason, and Pete, and various Colonia people, including my sister, Joe, Anthony, Mark, and others...

I myself must have been pretty wasted, because I do recall towards the end starting to parade people who were leaving around the apartment before they were allowed to leave, announcing their departure with song. I know that incetardis and crescentdude were treated to this. Anyone else that people can remember?

I want to thank eveyone that helped clean up, especially kingfox, kikibird, runstaverun, and Marchetti that night.. Thanks for making things a lot more manageable when I finished up today. I also want to thank everyone who brought stuff, kingfox for the sushi, kikibird and runstaverun for the wine, kellan547 for the scotch, daylami for the cookies, and Carmen for the brownies. Also, another thank you to kikibird and runstaverun for yelling at the Colonians who were exploring the attic of my building "Paradiso style" while I was in the shower. Thanks everyone for coming and I hope you all had a great time.

Yeah, that was a sucky summary, but my summaries always suck. Perhaps kingfox will post a better one...

Oh, and BTW incetardis, the next time you use my machine to do a truck full of laundry at one of my parties, empty the lint trap between loads. OK? :-)

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