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Larsson Log
grain of salt not included...
Alright, so I haven't updated in quite a while.. So, I guess I have to start on the weekend of the 31st.

Saturday was incetardis's party. I met up with @ Drew and we waited for kingfox before heading over to runstaverun and kikibird's place. We left there late and had some problems with 's directions, so we had to catch dinner at some random Deli in NYC before getting to incetardis's apartment. A whole ton of people there, some combination of every art major at Drew, art professors, and people incetardis knew from Mexico. A few of us got mean and generally had a good time.

Unfortunately, at some point during that day my MP3 player must have fallen out of my big jacket pocket. Had runstaverun search his car and his apartment, and incetardis search his to no avail. Oh well, shit happens. I'll pay for the replacement with the big refund I'm getting from Uncle Sam.

Monday got convinced to go eat dinner out of a trashcan lid with kingfox and caniswolfie Ate way too much that night, although not out of a trashcan lid. kingfox pulled an incetardis Monday night, complete with laundry.

Tuesday went with kingfox, caniswolfie, and incetardis for sub-par Mexican after being unsuccessful at the Japanese/Chinese food market.

Friday was a snow day at drewuniversity but I showed up later in the afternoon anyway because redvector had decided to make an appearance. Didn't do much else this weekend, except do my taxes and clean around the apartment.

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