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Larsson Log
grain of salt not included...
haven't posted in a while..

Spent a good portion of the end of last week battling illness.. ended up taking Thursday off, but I felt well enough to come in on Friday. Nyquil apparently isn't sufficient to fight my insomnia.

My apartment is shaking... but only if you stand at certain points within it. Starting about one week ago, something up above my ceiling started making a lot of low frequency noise. There's an attic above me, and I think it's an exhaust fan of some kind, but I never heard it like this. It's not very audible, but the strength of the sound is obvious in how it affects other things in the room. The baseboards and the skylight rattle, for instance.

Also, if you walk in certain places, the sound isn't very audible, per se, but you can feel the pressure of the air on your eardrums. The best place is the closet in my bedroom. The sound is amplified by the shape of the closet. If you stand inside it, with the door open, you can feel it against your ears. As you close the door behind you, it gets more intense, until a point, when the door is almost completely closed, it goes away completely.

It's all very amusing and everything, but it gets old quickly, and prevents me from getting any sleep whatsoever. I called my landlord, who thinks it's the exhaust fan for Il Mundo Vecchio below me, which is on the roof, and they are going to send someone to look at it.

Got the season one B5 DVDs last week.. Season two should be coming soon...

My earth raping neighbor has their air conditioner on already. It's only 70 out. They must have money to burn...

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