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sitting here on the couch like a bum... - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
sitting here on the couch like a bum...
Sorry for not writing much at all. I am going to try and keep this thing updated from now on.

The Apartment:
I've finally got around to getting this place more livable. It's taken a while, but it starting to look like someone actually lives here. Put my sister's painting and posters up in the living room today and I've cleaned out all of the boxes and crap from moving. I ordered a whole bunch of despair.com for the office. :-) Now I need people to visit, and I'm thinking about having a party up here some weekend in August. Omar is going to stop by tomorrow.

My sister and I attempted to have our second party of the summer on Friday at my hose (or should I start calling it "my parents house" -- that just seems weird). People were all partied-out though, and ended up leaving early. Marchetti decided he couldn't come at the last minute, and Omar had trouble getting a ride, so it was just redvector and a bunch of people from home. Frank probably drank about a third of the keg himself, which is good, because we had way more beer than people to drink it. Oh well. At around 2AM, Frank and I decided that we were hungry, but there wasn't really anyone around to give us a ride anywhere, and we were too drunk ourselves, so we ended up walking through the McDonald's drive through. There was this awesome guy in front of us who ordered our stuff for us, and then when we tried to give him cash for it, told us that it was on him. Cool... Frank had to go and help a friend move to Delaware on Saturday, so I think staying up till 5:30 am at my party probably was not a good thing.

I'm writing this little post right now using the Semagic LJ client on a Windows XP system, except the WinXP machine is my Dell which is in the other room, and I'm lounging here on the sofa with a wireless 802.11b equipped laptop and Remote Desktop. Ah, the joy of technology-enhanced laziness... :-)

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