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Larsson Log
grain of salt not included...
RSS annoyance...
Does anyone here have this annoying problem with LJ's RSS syndication feature... It's normally smart about figuring out which posts in a feed are new and only adding the new posts to its cache.. However, every so often, it has this sort of amnesia, and fetches the entire feed again.

Then, since LJ displays entries on the friends page ordered by the time they were added to the database rather than the post's timestamp, when I view my Friends page it's filled with posts from a single RSS feed. I've removed a bunch of them recently because of it..

Maybe it's just the set of feeds i'm subscribed to that have this problem.. I don't know... I think part of the problem here is that RSS doesn't mandate a uniqueid for posts, and however LJ is identifying posts (MD5 of the body maybe, or URL?) doesn't always work...


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