E. Axel Larsson (windexcowboy) wrote,
E. Axel Larsson

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incetardis's party.. crappy pictures...

Went to Omar's party last night with Cory and Stave.. A good time, and I hadn't seen Omar's new place yet, so that was cool..

redvector is a scary sight to see in his "corporate" get-up..

Unfortunately, you won't, or at least not very well here. As usual, I forgot my camera, and had to resort to taking some crappy flashless pictures with my phone. Here they are.

Oh, and 29usc151's Retro Phones are cool! I tried one with my Treo 600 last night, and it works great. I think it'd be really funny if I used one with the Treo, so I'm gonna have to see if I can dig up an old phone handset somewhere.. Maybe at my parents' house...
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