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my God... It's HUGE! - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
my God... It's HUGE!
As promised, details about how my apartment saga ended up working out...

As some of you already know, I started apartment hunting a few weeks ago after I accepted the job offer at Drew. I originally tried looking on my own, but that approach generally not working, I ended up calling a Realtor (J. Cannon Realtor’s in Madison) to find one for me. They had what seemed to be a perfect one right by Convent Station about 2 and a half miles from Drew. It was a condo, which the owner was now renting out, fully applianced and furnished. I took a look at the place on Friday last week and immediately decided to take it. Of course, one of my absolute requirements for any living situation is the availability of broadband, which I was told wouldn't be a problem since Optimum Online from CableVision is available in the area. I signed the lease on Monday, and when I got back to my house I started calling to activate utilities. Turns out that CV told me that broadband wasn't yet ready in that neighborhood and they wouldn't be able to give me an estimate of availability. Being slightly annoyed but not discouraged, I called Verizon to order DSL instead, only to find out that I couldn't get DSL there either.

At that point, I left a message with the realtor to see if I could back out of the lease. I was being told various things by my friends and colleagues, like that I would have to simply eat the security deposit and realtor's commission that I paid, all the way to that they were probably going to sue me for the rent until they could find another occupant. So, I panicked. As it turned out, none of that happened. They were able to talk to the landlord and get my security deposit check back, and they even had another listing for me to look at.

My new apartment, which does have broadband (called CableVision up to check as soon as I got the address) is right above Il Mundo Vecchio on Main St. in Madison. It's HUGE! It's got four massive rooms, including an eat-in kitchen, fully applianced, washer/dryer in the apt., dishwasher, etc... and to top it off, it's actually less expensive then the other apartment. I signed the lease for that one today, and will be moving in on July 1st. (They are going to see about getting me an earlier move-in date, since the 1st is a Monday). The realtor even refunded the difference in the real-estate commission.

So, a few things from this. 1.) I was really glad I went through a realtor, since it would have been more difficult if I had found the apartment on my own, and then had to back out of the lease on my own. 2.) always check broadband availability yourself even if someone tells you can get it, don't believe them. 3.) if your looking for an apartment in Madison/Chatham, use J. Cannon Realtors.

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