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FeedBurner - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
I was recently asked a question about getting a Blogger blog's feed to show up in a Friendster profile. The problem is that Blogger only exports ATOM style syndication feeds and Friendster only consumes RSS. You need a converter.

This got me looking at FeedBurner, which can do feed conversion, and a bunch of other cool things. For one, it can splice in bookmarks from services like del.icio.us, which I use, and photos from Flickr, which I also use.

It also produces a "Browser Friendly Burner" which associates an XSL stylesheet with the feed. If people open your feed in a web browser instead of adding it to a news aggregator, they get a friendly web page explaining what the feed is instead of a page full of XML.

I haven't tried the podcasting support yet. Supposedly, this enables any feed for podcasting by looking for links to audio files and adds the appropriate <enclosure/> elements to your feed. I wonder if this will recognize ogg files, and thus work with LJ's PhonePost.

It's worth trying out, even if you don't need to convert a feed. BTW, the feed for this journal, with my bookmarks feed and photostream mixed in, is feeds.feedburner.com/larsson.

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