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So... went to Victoria and some friends of mine got married... - Larsson Log — LiveJournal
grain of salt not included...
So... went to Victoria and some friends of mine got married...
Figure I should post a little about celaeno and nemo_wistar's wedding..

daylami and I drove in from Seattle Friday afternoon and took the ferry across to Victoria. We arrived around 7 or so and after spending a sizable amount of time looking for a petrol station so we could put a few liters in the Neon, we arrived at the Laurel Point Inn a bit before 9. Picked up our room keys and about halfway up the elevator I realize.. hmmm... Room 652? Aren't Mike and Joy in 650?...

As it turns out our suite was, in fact, next door to Mike and Joy's, and beyond that, they were adjoining rooms. Even though they weren't to arrive until tomorrow, this knowledge was a source of much amusement that evening. We decided to wait by the door when they were due to arrive and as soon as we heard them unpacking, we cued up That song by That British guy, which of course could only mean one thing....

Sadly, that was the same day that daylami received some terrible news about her apartment in NY having burned down. Everyone should keep her in your thoughts and send best wishes. I know that if anyone can get through this, Charlotte can.

The wedding was held on Sunday at 3. The rain kept back sufficiently that the ceremony could be held on Mike and Joy's balcony, which is fortunate, since the Victoria backdrop is beautiful. There are some pics of the ceremony in my Flickr account that you can look at. It was a civil service (God optional), small, very well done, just like they wanted it. Dinner was at Japaneese Village. There were some amusing toasts given.. Fun and good food was had by all.

These are some of my best friends in the world, and I'm very happy for them. Those two are made for each other more so than anyone else I know!

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